Every products need to be packed in various way and products make the world go round. And a fantastic packaging will be boost brand, and will make your products special and let customer give an impression for your products.

How to choose the best packaging for your products? 5 tips for you.

What is your products?

Many of your will have already have your products, and if you have no idea about packaging, you just need to tell us about your products size (length*width*height in inch or cm), then we can give some advice for you. For those people who do not have their own products at that time, or just have an idea for the product and ready to carry on, that also fine, you can just tell us your idea or the description about your products, then we can also can give professional advice for you then.


Know your target audience/demographic

One surprising fact you might notice is that your audience often changes the longer you are in business. You begin to see trends and may even notice a shift in the demographics of your business. It is so important to acknowledge this shift and to make the necessary adjustments quickly. Whether that be product selection, price, and even customer base, you must make adjustments.

Trying to serve everyone, and make everyone happy can be detrimental your business. Attempting to meet everyone’s needs can create cash flow issues, unsatisfied customers, and unmet expectations. This will eventually begin to eat away at you personally.

When using packaging as a branding and marketing strategy, it is essential that it “talks” to your specific target audience. It must convey a message that your specific customer understands, and can relate to. In an ever changing market, it’s a total waste of time, effort, and money to impose your brand personality to the wrong demographic. Why waste time on an audience that does not care, and that will never connect with your brand message. Is it time well spent to learn the basics of who is actually buying your product. Who is looking to purchase your product? Knowing this information gives you a tremendous advantage of your competitors. These are just a couple of essential questions to be answered. It allows you to effectively show your packaging, your message, and your energy towards the right audience

Packaging, Color and material


Color and material choice have the power to affect how a person feels, whether positive or negative. For this reason, choosing the right color for your packaging can dramatically affect your brand’s message. For example, a company that uses natural and/or organic ingredients, could use materials such as kraft paper to communicate an earth friendly, all natural, small-scale production, hand crafted, high quality product. For instance, black packaging suggests a premium, selective, upscale product line. Whereas, a clear or frosted packaging options communicates transparency in the quality of ingredients, and offers a clean fresh presentation for your products.

Function and durability

Customers love convenience. Packaging that is reusable, reclosable, and easy to store are all benefits that your customer will appreciate. However, when choosing the right packaging option for your product, you must take into consideration the amount of storage space required, transportation cost, and the durability of the materials.

Functionality is a must to ensure repeat customers. No matter how much a customer likes your product, if the packaging is not functional (zippers don’t work, bottles that leak, or sprayers that don’t spray), they’re not coming back. Don’t make the costly mistake of opting for cheap, poor quality packaging.

Know your budget

Packaging your product can be one of your greatest expenses. It will likely be one of the largest investments you make when starting a business. But be careful not to overextend your budget in the beginning. There is no need to sacrifice your ultimate packaging concept because of the price tag, consider buying in low quantities initially. Our company can offer low minimums for business owners that are not quite ready to buy in bulk. Another way to conserve precious capital is to brand your packaging with high quality labels over the more expensive option of custom printing. Custom printing requires high minimum order quantities which can take a serious chunk out of your budget. As a rule of thumb, start small and increase quantities as sales come in.

Another way to conserve your funds is to choose packaging that is light weight and as compact as possible. FedEx and UPS now calculate shipping cost by total weight of the package AND the carton dimensions. Choosing your packaging correctly in the beginning can save you money, a lot of money in the end.

Well there you go, we discussed some things to consider before deciding on the right packaging. If you want to make a special products packaging, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact with us.