Choose Product Style

Step 1: Choose Product Style

For all projects, it starts with choosing the right style that best fits your product and business needs. When it comes to choosing the right style, you may consider these factors: product design, shape, weight, filling method, usage, etc. If you need help, please leave a message to product specialist or call us at +86 769 85717168.Click edit button to change this text.

Get A Quote Instantly

Step 2: Get A Quote Instantly!

All products are customized! On any of our individual product page you may find a quote link, get a quote instantly by filling product specifications: dimension, printing, card board, coating, quantity, usage, etc.

Dieline Design

Step 3: Dieline Design

Before you start working on your artwork, you need a dieline file as a guide, or you can provide us your artwork we’ll put the dieline for you. Dieline is 2D blueprint indicates all folding panels, accurate dimension, bleeding, glue area etc. By placing any production order, you will get FREE dieline design .

Artwork Design

Step 4: Artwork Design

OEM or ODM order are welcome! After receiving your accurate dieline, you can now use it as a guide to precisely place your artwork. You can also order our artwork design service done by our experienced designers. If you need a fully working prototype, our printed mock-up is a highly versatile service worth a try.

Place Production Order

Step 5: Place Production Order

Here we come a long way to the final step. After price checking, dieline, and artwork are confirmed, you will feel confident about your product. Now you can go ahead to make a sample or place mass order.